Plastics Injection Mould Technology

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Oct 18-19 2017 - £660.00

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Course duration: 2 days 

Shawbury Shropshire, UK


This course provides a thorough appreciation of the injection moulding process,  essential for anyone involved with the design, development or production of products manufactured in this way and for people involved with the purchase of injection moulded components.  

I plan to challenge more and question current design processes and manufacturing methods

Luke Sheppard (ABB)

Participants will benefit from a broader and deeper understanding of the whole process and how product design and machine and material choices affect the process and cost of production. Common moulding faults can be identified and avoided and good moulding practice recognised.

Very good helpful information on the entire process

Michael Drummond (BMC)

Course Objectives

As a result of attending this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the injection moulding machine and process
  • Be aware of the different mould types and their construction
  • Gain awareness of the dependence of quality on machine setting
  • Be aware of the different plastic types, fillers and additives and reason for their choice
  • Learn how part design, mould design and material selection affect the process
  • Be aware of 'added value' techniques such as in-mould labelling, two/multi-material moulding, insert and outsert moulding
  • Understand the need and use of 'profiles' for injection, speed etc.
  • Have an awareness of the additional capabilities of machines: closed loop, machine based QC/SPC and process control systems
  • Learn to recognise common moulding faults and their causes
  • Learn to recognise good moulding practice 
  • Gain an understanding of the industry's terminology 

    A lot more in-depth, useful and applicable information than was supplied at university, very useful and engaging

    Richard Shaw (BMC)


Course Content

Injection Moulding Machine 

Introduction to the injection moulding machine cycle and functions


Types of Moulds - their uses and benefits, construction, gates, runners, ejection and cooling systems, design, objectives and quality.

Computer based assistance 

Material selection, flow analysis and CAD


Suppliers codes, interpreting data, storage and drying, fillers, relating test methods to finished products, industry terminology.


Material behaviour during processing, the effects of mould temperature and filling rates etc. on economics and product quality.  Standard machine controls and new control methods.

Machine Selection

Selecting the right machine for the product, closed loop, clamp mechanisms, automation, manufacture and machine based QC functions

Who Will Benefit?

This course will benefit: 

  • Product Designers/Engineers
  • Production/Process Managers and Supervisors wishing to gain a more detailed understanding of the whole injection moulding process and its interaction with the polymer material.
  • Quality and Technical Services Personnel
  • People responsible for purchasing injection moulded components

Presenter Information

This course is presented by:

Graham Webster

Graham has spent his entire working life in and very close to the plastic injection moulding industry.  For the last 19 years he has run a business providing computer aided engineering (CAE) solutions for injection moulding using software tools to optimise product design, tooling and processing.  The author of many training courses and troubleshooting guides, Graham's presentations are absorbing and relevant.