Optimizing Materials and Products

Smithers Rapra provides full service expert support for product development - helping you throughout the product lifecycle.

Our experts can assist with material selection and specification development, compound development and deformulation, ingredient and material evaluation as well as optimization of flow. 

We can support even the most complex of projects with our expertise across processing, materials testing and chemical analysis 

We can help:

  • Optimize material selection, including assistance with material replacement
  • Formulate a  cost reduction strategy for your product or material
  • Advise on  sustainability initiatives which could benefit your project
  • Review existing materials, to ensure they perform as required
  • Quantifiably prove product and material quality
  • Advise on how to prevent premature product failure
  • Perform a failure analysis on existing products

We provide:

  • Expert technologists and consultative support
    • Our team has a wealth of commercial experience across multiple industry sectors
  • Comprehensive laboratory facilities 
    • Our laboratories are ISO 17025 certified and UKAS registered
    • All projects can be supported by an extensive range of materials testing and chemical analysis
  • On-site evaluations
    • ‚ÄčIf required, we can undertake a series of site visits to assess your existing manufacturing process and equipment
Find out how Smithers Rapra can help your organization:

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