Plastics and Rubber Lab

Our small-scale manufacturing laboratory can manufacture test samples, run pre-production trials, create product prototypes and assist with streamlining an existing manufacturing process.

Specialist Manufacturing and Prototyping

Smithers Rapra offers you an unparalleled knowledge of the relationships between polymers, product design, performance, durability and manufacture. As part of our processing support service we offer specialist prototyping and pre-production trials as well as a unique low-volume manufacturing facility.

We help clients with new product ideas as well as companies that would otherwise have to shut down manufacturing lines to develop products. We can add skills to an in-house development team and our facilities reduce the requirement for investment in costly small-scale equipment.

Manufacturing techniques available include:

  • compounding
  • extrusion based processes
  • moulding
  • rubber parts

Our technologists are experienced in designing and utilising small-scale production lines and developing novel processing technology. The highest production standards are maintained by in-house auditing systems to ensure product quality and consistency. Our consultants and technologists can advise on developing or improving manufacturing processes. Tooling, including moulds and dies can be developed for your products.

Prototypes and Pre-Production Trials

Using our processing, material selection and product testing expertise we can take your ideas and concepts and develop prototypes for further assessment and product trials.

With our range of equipment, knowledge and experience - the processing laboratories at Smithers Rapra are the ideal place to develop the manufacturing process for your product.  Effectively, we can become your pilot plant without the investment and staff required to do it in house.  Once developed, production can be can be continued at Smithers Rapra or moved to large scale manufacturing under the guidance of one of our consultants.

We can assist in the design and manufacture of prototype tools, moulds, dies and other ancillaries. These are used to produce component parts, sub-assembly prototypes and fulfil manufacturing campaigns. We have experience assembling processing lines for small scale compounding, extrusion and injection moulding. Extensive testing is undertaken on simulated operating environments to identity potential problems prior to full scale production.

Specialist Production and Manufacture

We offer a unique low-volume manufacturing service for plastics, rubber and polyurethane parts – guaranteeing you high quality manufacture and specialist production on small scale runs.

Many clients repeatedly use our manufacturing service to benefit from our high standard of manufacture, attention to detail and confidentiality. We are available to assist on a regular daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis or simply as the need arises. Smithers Rapra is happy to offer this flexible approach to manufacturing, allowing products time to develop in the market. Our approach gives you time to assess the project as it develops and make the relevant investment decisions.

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