Practical Guide to Flexible Polyurethane Foams

This book imparts a sound knowledge of flexible and viscoelastic polyurethane foam from its chemistry to calculations and formulating methodology for quality production.

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Date of publication: 27 Mar 2013
Product format: Paperback
Number of pages: 244


By Chris Defonseka

Polyurethanes are one of the most versatile and exciting materials in the plastics family. Although there are many types, the flexible and viscoelastic foams have opened up vast possibilities as viable business ventures and expanding applications: they have established themselves as an essential part of everyday life, replacing traditional materials over the years.


This book imparts a sound knowledge of flexible and viscoelastic polyurethane foam from its chemistry to calculations and formulating methodology for quality production. The author presents valuable detailed information on foam manufacturing, based on over 40 years' hands-on experience, at both local and international level. The detailed presentation of two manufacturing set-ups will greatly benefit entrepreneurs, medium-volume producers and the large manufacturers. For the entrepreneurs, the innovative low-cost start-up, high profit, tried-and-tested methods will no doubt be very encouraging. The medium-to-large volume producers will find the information provided both interesting and practical to solve inherent problems of excess wastage, better process control and plant efficiency, thus enhancing profitability.

Thanks to global environmental concerns, polyurethane chemical components are moving from petroleum sources to bio-based renewable resources, which presents an interesting challenge to developers. For continued profitable production, foam machinery manufacturers will need to offer cost-effective, highly-efficient and compatible machinery to producers.

This book provides practical guidance in all aspects of flexible polyurethane foam manufacture and it is an ideal information source for students, teachers, producers and entrepreneurs.

About the author

After his academic career at the University of Sri Lanka, Chris Defonseka pursued a career in plastics technology, specializing in polyurethane and expandable polystyrene foams. He has trained and worked at some of the largest chemical companies in the world such as- ICI, Bayer AG, BASF, Huls AG, Hoechst AG, CIBA Geigy, BP Chemicals, Canon, R.H. Windsor in Europe, India, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia.

His creative expertise enabled him to design and fabricate - Styrofoam boxes for transport of human eyes for the first time in the world, a coating machine for artificial leather, a small plant for EPS products manufacture and a complete foaming and cutting system for flexible polyurethane foams. Also pioneered the manufacture of flexible PU foam in Sri Lanka.

Currently he is a consultant to CESO, a Canadian international agency, in addition to being a technical writer to local plastics magazines.

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