Thermochromic Phenomena in Polymers

This book looks at thermochromic phenomena in polymers, detailing the different ways in which thermochromic properties come about.

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Product type: Books
Date of publication: 01 Jan 2008
Product format: Hardback
Number of pages: 98
By D. Loetzsch and A. Seeboth


This book is structured according to the thermochromic material type. Chapter 1 gives an overview about polymers exhibiting thermochromic properties themselves. Thermochromic polymer systems obtained by doping the polymer matrix with thermochromic additives are reported in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 reviews polymer systems in which the interaction between the polymer matrix and an incorporated additive is the origin of thermochromism. Finally, in the fourth chapter polymer systems changing their transparency with temperature by switching reversible between a transparent and a light scattering state are reviewed.

Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. Polymers Exhibiting Thermochromic Properties Themselves
2.1 Liquid Crystalline Polymers with a Helical Superstructure
2.2 Conjugated Polymers
2.3 Swollen Gel Networks
2.4 Applications

3. Polymer Materials Doped with Thermochromic Additives
3.1 Leuco Dye-Developer-Solvent Systems
3.1.1 Thermochromic Thermoplastic Polymers
3.1.2 Thermochromic Thermosetting Polymers
3.1.3 Light Stability of Leuco Dyes
3.2 Inorganic Pigments
3.3 Conjugated Polymers
3.4 Comparison Between the Three Different Classes of Thermochromic Additives
3.5 Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials
3.6 Applications
3.6.1 Thermoplastics
3.6.2 Potential Future Applications

4. Interaction Between Polymer Matrix and Additive as Origin of Thermochromism
4.1 Crystalline Colloidal Arrays Embedded in Swollen Gel Networks
4.2 Dyes Embedded in Polymer Gel Networks
4.3 Applications

5. Thermotropic Polymer Systems
5.1 Polymer Blends
5.2 Thermotropic Polymer Gel Networks
5.2.1 Thermotropic Polymer Gel Networks Based on Synthetic Polymers
5.2.2 Thermotropic Polymer Gel Networks Based on Biopolymers
5.2.3 Gel Networks for Reversible Transparency and Colour Control with Temperature
5.2.4 Hybrid Solar and Electrically Controlled Light Filters
5.3 Thermotropic Casting Resin
5.4 Applications

6. Concluding Remarks

Author Index
Subject Index

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