Smart Rubbers: Synthesis and Applications

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Product type: Books
Date of publication: 15 Nov 2017
Product format: Paperback
By Francesco Picchioni, Lorenzo Massimo Polgar, Machiel van Essen, Andrea Pucci

ISBN: 978-1-91108-823-3

Due for release in November 2017


Smart rubbers are defined as elastomeric materials that respond to external stimuli through a macroscopic output in which the energy of the stimulus is properly transduced as a function of external interference. As the term ‘smart rubber’ implies, the bulk of these materials generally consist of elastomers or of materials with a rubbery behaviour and properties, but displaying a smart response.

Research in the field of smart rubbers has drastically increased over the last few decades, which is predominantly due to the growing demand of and the need for improved materials for new applications. Incentives for these demands are generally based on scientific aspects, but also greatly intersects with societal relevance.

The book aims to provide an overview of the field of smart rubbers. Snapshots of several contributions that are considered illustrative examples of the various components involved in the field of smart rubbers and are highlighted and discussed in order to provide the reader with paradigmatic information about the main topic. Different stimuli and applications will be intertwined throughout all these examples. Hereby, the authors aim to provide an attractive update in the field of smart rubbers that is relevant, interesting and understandable for companies engaged in the field of rubbers, scientists, experts, and students.

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