International Polymer Science and Technology

This journal gives unique access to original research translated into English from 5 leading rubber & plastics technical journals.


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Edited by Kate Evans, Smithers Rapra
2017, Volume 44, 12 issues per year

ISSN: 0307-174X


Now in its 44th year of continuous publication, International Polymer Science and Technology is a monthly journal giving unique access to original research translated into English from five leading rubber and plastics technical journals currently published in Russian, German and Japanese.

This journal provides the only available access to these articles in English, and thus provides a significant and cost-effective opportunity to keep abreast of the technical developments occurring in these countries. Also, since the papers are translated by expert scientific linguists, the quality of the papers published is enhanced. Subscribers have the opportunity to select articles of particular interest, as each issue contains the contents lists from all available journals. Articles requested are then published in subsequent issues.

Source Journals

The material for International Polymer Science and Technology is sourced from key journals from Germany, Russia and Japan:

Gummi Fasern Kunststoffe
Dr. Gupta Verlag, 40852 Ratingen, Postfach 104125, Germany

Kauchuk i Rezina
ZAO Redaktsiya zhurnala 'Kauchuk i rezina', 119868, Moscow, GSP-3, ul Malaya Trubetskaya, 28 Russia

Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi
Journal of the Society of Rubber Industry, Japan. c/o Tobu Building, 5/26 1 Chome, Motoakasaka, Minatoku, 107 Tokyo, Japan

Plasticheskie Massy
Editorial Office: ZAO NP "Plasticheskie massy", 125319, Moscow, ul. 9 Marta, d. 13, kv 82, Russia

Free Online Access

Access to all the abstracts from this journal, dating back to 2001, can be viewed online completely free of charge at Subscribers will be provided with a single user name and password to download the complete articles.

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