Webinar: Test Considerations for Fluid Transfer Systems - An Expert Overview

Our expert reviews common failure modes for fluid transfer systems and introduces some best practices for test setup procedures.

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Webinar first ran 29 March 2016.

"Test Considerations for Fluid Transfer Systems - An Expert Overview"

Presented by:
Jeff Andrasik, Product Testing Manager, Smithers Rapra

Jeff Andrasik, product testing manager at Smithers Rapra , will discuss key considerations for fluid transfer system performance testing.  Andrasik will reveal some of the most common factors that contribute to failures in fluid transfer systems and how external testing can significantly aid in reducing the time to market for new products.  He will also cover some of the most common test protocols used to verify system performance and others considerations for test design and setup. 

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Common failure modes under various conditions and applications
  • Common test methods by industry, specifically OEM specifications for automotive, SAE industrial specifications and aerospace considerations
  • Test setup considerations and conditions in real-world examples
  • Increasing efficiency in testing and validation through an independent, third party laboratory
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