Testing Services at Smithers Rapra

We offer independent testing through physical and chemical analysis of materials, preparations and final products to assist with your organizations goals.

Physical-Mechanical Testing

Industries all over the world trust Smithers Rapra for our physical-mechanical testing services. We conduct standard and customized test programs for material suppliers, manufacturers, processors, end users, and more. Smithers Rapra physical-mechanical testing programs are designed to help products meet individual standards and requirements.

Chemical Analysis

Smithers Rapra performs chemical analysis of rubber and plastic materials for a wide range of industries. Our laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited to provide techniques used to examine the chemical properties of a number of materials and compounds

Technology Consulting Services

Our technology consulting services provide assistance and guidance with product design, material selection, durability and lifetime prediction. We provide a wide range of consultancy services to clients including material suppliers, processors, manufacturers and end users of products.

Processing & Development

From prototype development, small scale manufacturing and processing of materials, to our manufacturing services, our customers find that Smithers Rapra is their trusted source for all of their polymer, product design and manufacturing needs. Our processing and development services are unparalleled due to our vast knowledge and understanding of polymers.

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Conferences, Training, Publications and Market Reports

Smithers Rapra serves as a global academic & industrial market with polymer, chemical, pharmaceutical, ecotoxicology & life-science related knowledge & information products & events. These include a wide range of technology & market-based journals & books, national & international conferences, polymer technology training courses & electronic web & database products. Find out more about our Information Services