Cold Temperature Properties Testing

Concerns regarding low temperature behavior may range from the need for basic specification compliance tests to actual service demands for performance in very cold, harsh environments. Below is a list of common test standards that are used to evaluate cold temperature properties in rubber and plastic products.

ASTM D2137 / ISO 812 Brittleness Point of Flexible Polymers and Coated Fabrics

The temperature that a material sample (i.e. rubber, plastic or other elastomer) will show brittleness failure under specified impact conditions.

See ASTM D2137.

ASTM D1329 TR10 Value

The temperature that a stretched sample (such as an o-ring) reaches a recovery rate of 10% after freezing.

See ASTM D1329.

Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)

The temperature range in which a thermosetting polymer changes from a hard, rigid form to a more elastic, "rubberized" form.