Material Development

Rubber and Plastic Compounding

Smithers has a wealth of knowledge and experience in rubber compounding and material development and have been providing to complex issues since 1919. Our formulation abilities and material testing services cover a broad range of polymers for a large variety of products. Rubber and Plastic compounds have been developed for material suppliers, product manufacturers and designers. Our work covers most industry sectors including; automotive, medical, industrial, transport and consumer goods.

Compound development can be targeted at meeting an existing specification, optimizing an existing compound, or at developing a material for a novel application for which there is only the broad outline of a material specification.

Using our in-house compounding and material testing services, trial batches of compounds can be designed, manufactured and testing to ensure they meet all of our client's chemical, physical and performance requirements.

Rubber and plastics are normally compounded with many different additives. These additives include fillers, plasticizers, process aids, vulcanizing agents, accelerators, and protective agents. The choice of which type of ingredient to use, and its level, can exert an enormous influence on the final properties of the compound, and its long term durability. An incorrect choice of an ingredient for a given application can lead to premature failure, and hence the methods used to compound a rubber or plastic are as important as selecting the correct polymer type for an application.

Once a suitable compound has been developed for an application Smithers Rapra can supply trial lots of the material for evaluation in the factory and for the manufacture of prototypes. The compounding equipment for plastics is very flexible. A range of gravimetric feeders, side feeders and liquid addition pumps make almost any configuration possible.

The internal mixing equipment for rubber is capable of making small scale batches avoiding scrap materials and time.

The benefits to you

  • Ownership and control of your own formulation
  • Independent advice to achieve optimum material performance and processing
  • Optimization of existing compounds to achieve better performance and durability
  • Provides the ability to change your product manufacturer without the need to change or develop a new compound
  • Removes the need to tie up valuable staff and in-house resources on material development

Let Smithers Rapra develop a suitable compound for your application. Request a quote for our material development and testing services.