Process Selection

The identification of the process route is essential at the earliest stages of design as the process selection, material selection and design features are intimately linked and for practical purposes are inseparable. Along with our consultants, our processing staff can offer advice on process selection, process development and process problem solving with plastics and rubbers.

The benefits to you

  • Maximized process efficiency and quality
  • Total process development, solutions to concept to prototype to product
  • Ensuring process robustness is factored in to new product developments
  • Reduced time to market for new developments
  • No exposure to the risk associated with the capital investment of equipment
  • Informed, impartial advice and support as and when you need it

The development of robust process technology is fundamental to the success of any new product venture. Drawing on a wealth of experience, covering virtually every sector of the polymer industry, Smithers Rapra can advise on all aspects of the process from tool design and scale up through to a complete line layout.

Bespoke processes can be tailored to meet difficult or novel applications and clients can access a well-equipped pilot plant to augment their own Research and Development facilities. In addition, experienced consultants can advise on existing manufacturing issues from process troubleshooting to complete manufacturing audits.

There is a diverse number of processing routes for rubbers plastics and other polymers because of their ease of processing. Selecting the right process for the product is paramount to its success. It is vital that throughout the design process, there is a fundamental understanding of the range of processes available and their advantages, disadvantages and limitations. For instance a poor design may exclude a more cost effective production route.