Material and Product Testing

Smithers Rapra has extensive experience in testing materials and products manufactured from rubber, plastics and other polymers. Broad spectrums of industries utilize our testing services including automotive, industrial, consumer, medical, aerospace, and transport. Within those industries, Smithers routinely conducts complete standard and customized polymer testing programs for; material suppliers, processors, manufacturers and end users. Our technical sales representatives, consultants, and test engineers are experts at working with our clients to provide specific tests to meet individual requirements including supplying customized testing fixtures to simulate actual environments. In addition, our test engineers are able to test to a wide range of standard tests including ASTM protocols.

A material test program usually falls within one of the following categories

  • Conducting a test program to a standard recognized internationally following a testing procedure that is already clearly documented.
  • The development of a testing procedure to meet a defined standard, but there is no stipulated method to prove that standard.
  • The creation of a testing protocol where no standards exist, a requirement is discussed with our client and a program of testing is agreed.

The material testing laboratories at Smithers Rapra are ISO 17025 certified for numerous standards and the majority of our projects are carried out in accordance to this practice. In house auditing procedures guarantee that the service delivered to our clients is accurate and reliable. Contact us to learn more about our physical and mechanical polymer testing services.

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We test to ASTM standards. Click here to view our list of Physical ASTM Standard Tests.

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