Rubber and Polymer Technical Consulting Services

If you are looking for assistance with product design, guidance with material selection, durability and lifetime prediction or an accurate understanding of product failure, Smithers' consulting team can help.

Smithers delivers a wide range of technical consultancy services, including rubber, thermoplastic elastomers and plastic material consulting. We work with a broad spectrum of clients from material suppliers to processors, manufacturers and end users. The common link is that they all have issues with rubber, plastic or other polymeric materials. Our consultants will work alongside your research and development team offering guidance and support as an integral part of the product design and development process.

Smithers has the necessary skills and experience to undertake entire product design and development programs using knowledge built up over many years within the tire, rubber and plastics industries. Our Consulting Team has an unrivaled understanding of how polymer materials perform in service over time.

Contact us today to learn how we can help with your product or material challenges.