Smithers Rapra provide testing and consultative support for both civil and military aerospace sectors. We offer testing to a range of international standards including RTCA, EUROCAE and EMAR.

In addition to our standard testing capabilities, our teams can also create a bespoke test protocol for your company, or test to an existing test protocol.

We provide support across every stage of the supply chain:

  • Material: Selection, Testing,
  • Design: Failure Prevention, Design Optimisation
  • Failure: Investigation, Root Cause Identification, Expert Witness
  • Regulation and Standards: Test Method Development, Regulatory Submissions Support

Material Testing

We offer a comprehensive range of testing services to international standards such as ISO, RTCA and SAE. A key specialism for our expert team is fluid susceptibility testing. Common tests our team perform include:

FEA Properties

Life Prediction Properties

Material Development Support

Fluid Susceptibility

  • Uniaxial tension
  • Planar shear
  • Biaxial tension
  • Compression
  • Friction

(All properties are generated over the operating temperature range). 

  • Long-term ageing
  • Life prediction model creation
  • Service environment simulation
  • Permeability
  • DMA
  • Dynamic ozone resistance
  • Temperature and altitude
  • Temperate variation
  • Humidity
  • Vibration
  • Fluids susceptibility
  • Salt fog
  • Icing

Chemical Analysis

Our chemistry team can also provide analytical testing support, including materials identification, reverse engineering, contamination analysis and molecular weight characterisation.

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Standard Testing

Our testing enables clients to prove that their product, component or material meets the requirements specified in international standards. For the aerospace industry, we’re able to perform testing to the following standards: 



BS 4G 229:1996 /

ISO 7137:1995


Def Stan 00-35 part 3

BS 3G100: part 2: Section 3: 1991 subsection 3.12


BS EN 3909

Our expert team are also able to formulate bespoke test programmes which test properties which fall outside the parameters of standard test methods.

Airbus Material Specification

Our experts undertake a variety of physical and chemical tests to fulfil the mandatory specifications set by Airbus (ARB).

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Our facilities are UKAS accredited to 17025 for the vast majority of the testing techniques we undertake.

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