Dr Andrew Feilden: Chemistry Operations Director

Chemistry Operations Director in United Kingdom specialising in Extractables and Leachables

Andrew has over 16 years’ experience supporting the pharmaceutical industry.  He joined Smithers as a consultant specialising in extractables and leachables in 2011.  Prior to this, he worked for AstraZeneca – leading extractable and leachable testing and where he worked on a wide range of dosage forms. Andrew has authored regulatory documents for drug substance and container closure systems (IMPD and NDA) resulting in successful regulatory approval.

Expertise: Extractables and leachables.  Pharmaceutical analysis and trace analytical chemistry.

He is now Chemistry operation director, leading a team of industry experts split over two sites. One site is in Leatherhead, this specialises in testing materials for food contact compliance. The other is in Shawbury which carries out extractable and leachable testing for the pharmaceutical and medical industries, specialist Gel Permeation Chromatography testing and general analytical testing.

Qualifications and Professional Accreditation

Andrew has a BSc. Chemistry (Hons) and DPhil from the University of York. He is a Chartered scientist, Scientific Advisor to IPAC-RS and ex co-chair of ELSIE group.

Published Work
  • “Controlled Extraction Studies Applied to Polyvinylchloride and Polyethylene Materials:  Conclusions from the ELSIE Controlled Extraction Pilot Study” Submitted to AAPS PharmSciTech October 2014
  • Engineering Materials Autumn 2014 Contamination Concerns
  • American Pharmaceutical Review May/June 2008 “Extractables and Leachables: Issues and Challenges”
  • Chapter of book: “Leachables and Extractables Handbook: Safety Evaluation Qualification and best practises”.  Co-authored chapter on leachables.  Published by Wiley ISBN-13: 978-0470173657
  • Book.  “Update on undertaking extractable and leachable testing”.  Published by Smithers Rapra ISBN 978-1-84735-455-6
  • Salicylic Acid Alkylation Patent - EP 0771782 A1
  • Method and system for analysing a dose formulation of a metered dose device Patent – WO/2008088270
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