Jeff Andrasik

Product Testing Manager and Senior Test Engineer in USA specialising in Product Testing

Jeff joined Smithers Rapra in 2002, and has developed and executed a wide variety of test programs including pressure, vibration, and temperature specifications on automotive industrial, aerospace, nuclear, and consumer products. He has worked in the Smithers Rapra Product Testing Laboratory, Material Testing Laboratory, and the Sample Preparation Area.

Jeff has more than 10 years of experience testing rubber and plastic components, parts and products against common industry and governmental standards including ASTM, ISO, SAE, Fed, MIL, FDA and automotive OEM specifications.  

Expertise: Whole Product Testing of Rubbers and Polymers
Qualifications and Professional Accreditation

Jeff is a member of the Hose Safety Institute Advisory Council of the Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD). He is a graduate of the Univeristy of Akron with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Polymer Engineering. He has also presented at numerous conferences on product testing best practices and recently on the life cycle of polymers at the 2013 Hose Manufacturers Conference.

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