Thermoplastic Elastomers US 2018

26th - 29th June 2018

Marriott Downtown at Key Center in Cleveland, OH


“The Elastomer Summit gave me insight in to what the OEM's and molders are working on and what type of solutions they require for the future.” –Polyone

Taking place June 27-28, in Cleveland, Ohio, the 2018 Thermoplastic Elastomers US Summit will provide members of the thermoplastic industries with exposure to a variety of different high-growth end use applications such as healthcare, consumer electronics, industrial applications, automotive, and more. Whatever tier of the supply chain you occupy, the Thermoplastic Elastomers Summit is sure to deliver measurable results to attendees. The conference provides attendees with access to the world's key industry players - including suppliers, manufactures, processers, end-users, designers, and researchers all in one place. As a follow-up to the 2017 launch in the US, the 2018 program will expand upon last year’s topics and address new materials, technologies, and other market changes. 



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