Basic Tyre Technology

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May 1-1 2019 - £525.00

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Course duration: 1 day

Shawbury Shropshire, UK


This introductory tyre technology course will cover the fundamental aspects of the design, materials, construction and operation of modern pneumatic vehicle tyres.

The course content will provide the delegate with an introductory understanding of the process by which the tyre is designed and manufactured, the materials used in tyre construction, and how the tyre achieves its performance requirements when in service.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of the basic aspects of the design, materials and operation of pneumatic vehicle tyres.
  • Appreciation of pneumatic tyres and tyre technology
  • Understanding of how the tyre performs and how its construction enables it to achieve the required performance

Course Content

The history of the pneumatic tyre

  • A brief overview of the history and development of the modern pneumatic tyre.

Tyre types, construction and development

  • Introduction to pneumatic tyres in general, including key tyre categories and their usage
  • Components of a tyre and their function
  • The process and purpose of tyre development.

Rubber materials in tyres

  • Elastomeric materials used in pneumatic tyres and their function.
  • Introduction to compounding and rubber compound physical properties in relation to tyres and tyre performance.

Tyre cord reinforcing materials

  • How and why textile and steel tyre cord materials are used in the construction of a tyre and how their properties relate to the function of the tyre.

The tyre manufacturing process

  • Overview of the tyre manufacturing process, starting with the raw materials, rubber compound mixing and processing, tyre building, vulcanisation and final inspection.

Key tyre performance properties

  • An overview of how the properties of the tyre relate to its performance on the road.
  • Tyre performance related topics covered will include rolling resistance, traction, noise, abrasion resistance and ride comfort.

Tyre testing

  • An introduction to indoor and outdoor tyre testing, and its purpose.

The future of the pneumatic tyre

  • A look at developing tyre technologies, from tyre pressure monitoring, through airless tyres to the smart tyre. Also covered will be the components of a tyre and its function and the process and purpose of tyre developments.

Who Will Benefit?

This course will benefit:

Those new to or working with tyres on a day-to-day basis and who need to gain a broad understanding of the fundamental technology and principles of pneumatic tyres, how they are constructed and how they perform in service.

Presenter Information

Gary Crutchley, Principal Consultant - Smithers Rapra

Gary spent seventeen years working in the tyre industry, developing rubber compound formulations. He has worked in both developmental and production-related roles, and is familiar with most rubber processing technologies.