Plastics Injection Moulding Technology

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Sep 18-18 2019 - £699.00

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Course duration: 2 days

Shawbury Shropshire, UK


This course will take place over two days, commencing at 9.15am on the first day and finishing at 4.30pm on the second day.

This course offers those who are new to the Injection Moulding industry or others who wish to gain more knowledge in this area a greater understanding of the Injection moulding process. Participants will gain the confidence needed to communicate effectively and feel able to contribute to the decision making process. An appreciation of the commercial aspects of the industry is also included in relation to product design and machine and material selection.

This course was previosuly titled: Introduction to Injection Moulding

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course participants will:

  • Gain a commercial appreciation of the injection moulding process
  • Understand advantages and disadvantages of injection moulding
  • Understand material categories in relation to properties, performance and selection
  • Understand product design
  • Gain an awareness of injection moulding faults and how to overcome them.
  • Learn about innovative techniques such as in-mould decoration, gas and water injection and micro-moulding

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Course Content

Process Theory

  • The injection moulding machine and moulding cycle explained
  • Advantages and disadvantages

Plastics Materials

  • Categories
  • Plastic flow – investigation and forces required
  • Processing effects on different polymers

Product Design

  • Limitations and sources of information
  • Polymer orientation
  • Shrinkage
  • Unique issues encountered in “Thin-Wall” design and manufacture
  • Flow simulation to analyse and optimise designs

Injection Moulds

  • Mould costs analysis
  • Mould terminology
  • Explanation of mould types and reasons for their choice
  • Mould cooling
  • Reducing cycle times and mould costs

Injection Moulding Faults

  • Cause and cures
  • Fundamental problems
  • Faults caused by inappropriate machine selection
  • Faults caused by poor mould and product design

Innovative Techniques

  • In-mould decoration
  • In-mould assembly
  • Gas injection/water injection
  • Advances in Injection compression moulding Exatec

Product Development using Outside Suppliers

  • Issues encountered when sourcing product
  • Investigative steps – what documents to request
  • Moulding process and machine choice issues
  • Mould trial procedures

Who will benefit

This course is ideal for:

  • Product Designers/Engineers
  • Production/Process Managers and Supervisors
  • Quality and Technical Services Personnel
  • Purchasers of injection moulded components
  • Newcomers or those with no formal training

Presenter Info

This course is presented by

Dr Julien Loste - Consultant, Smithers Rapra

David Jeavons

David has spent his whole working life in the Injection Moulding industry. 

After leaving engineering college in 1969 he served a four year indentured apprenticeship with GKN Sankey's Plastic Division. At the time the company was one of Europe’s technology leaders - using robotic take out devices and developing thermosetting technologies as well as   structural foam techniques. On completion of this apprenticeship his career moved to materials technology, primarily thermoset resins and polyether foams.