Accessing Research Funding

Looking for finance to develop your leading-edge ideas into reality? Your organization could benefit from research and development initiatives funded via European, National and Local Government. We can help you access that funding.

We specialize in research projects on advanced materials, applications and polymer processing.

Championing the new and cutting-edge, Smithers Rapra offers tailored support services for clients aspiring to technical innovation with products and materials.

Support for Innovation

  • We have established an excellent reputation for the effective delivery of collaborative projects for both small and large organizations
  • We will evaluate your ideas and help you to develop them into value-added solutions
  • We will support you through every stage from the initial funding process to final delivery of the product or process

Access to Expertise

  • Smithers Rapra has the experience and world-wide technical contacts to assemble a consortium of complementary technical partners to develop your ideas.
Smithers Rapra offers specialized support for funding applications

To gain the maximum amount of funding for your project requires a high level of expertise and understanding of the current and future avenues that might be available. Smithers Rapra has an experienced, dedicated team to ensure we can support your project through the initial maze of options.

Our team of experts will assess your idea and - if appropriate - they will prepare and write your proposal in a style and format most likely to receive support.

Funding organizations all have their own approved formats, with European funding requiring a different presentation to UK, and nuances between nation and local options.

We typically seek financial support from the European Commission and UK National Government.

Smithers Rapra can also provide full service project management support

Smithers Rapra has the experience and contacts to assemble a consortium of complementary technical partners and manage your project through to its completion. Your organization will normally own the intellectual property developed.

Smithers Rapra in-house capabilities

Smithers Rapra offers a very wide range of capabilities in the Polymer Research field and is recognized as a specialist in:

  • Materials selection and application support
  • Product design and development
  • Manufacturing process assessment and development
  • Prototyping and small scale/specialist production
  • Engineering and tooling
  • Fault and failure diagnosis
  • Material, product testing and analysis
Why go it alone when you can work with Smithers Rapra to access research funding?

Work with our research team and you'll:

  • Reduce the costs and risks of new product development
  • Gain access to world-wide technical expertise through Smithers Rapra’s network of partners
  • Gain access to public funding

For further details on the specific projects Smithers Rapra has been involved in, browse through our current and past research projects.

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