Injection Moulding

Smithers Rapra can assist in several ways with injection moulding, from troubleshooting to research projects. We also run a niche Reaction Injection Moulding process.

Troubleshooting your Process

If you are having problems with moulding or a particular mould tool, we can visit to troubleshoot the process. Solutions could be recommendations on processing conditions, or analysis of samples that are failing to define the problem.

Moulding Simulation

Smithers Rapra uses the Sigmasoft virtual moulding software to solve problems with injection moulded parts. These problems often come to us through a request to investigate part failures or perhaps through moulders having difficulty with moulding consistency. There are many possible reasons for these problems but when the majority of these are ruled out then it may be useful to look at moulding simulation. 

Sigmasoft can generate very useful information on various aspects of the moulding process: 

  • How the mould fills
  • Orientation
  • Cooling patterns
  • Areas of high residual stress (high stress areas are often the failure point on many plastic parts)

Whilst the generation of this information is reasonably straightforward, if specific rheology and material data is required Smithers Rapra has the capability to collect this in our Materials Testing laboratory. 

The results will indicate where problems may lie and changes to the mould tool can be modelled that could reduce or eliminate the problems.

Moulding of Samples:

Smithers Rapra can mould test samples in new materials for testing, which can also be undertaken in-house. We offer clients:

  • Flexibility of mould choice; we have a range of standard test moulds available, can use customer moulds or have special moulds produced
    • Most polymers can be moulded on our equipment, from PE through to PEEK
    • Our standard test moulds include ISO and ASTM tensile dumbell and bars, plaques and more unusual dumbells for creep and fatigue testing 
  • Materials testing; our testing facilities are UKAS accredited for a vast selection of physical and chemical analytical techniques 
Reaction Injection Moulding

We have been running a niche RIM process for over 15 years producing a high quality and precision product for our clients. 

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