Design Evaluation

Without an in-depth knowledge of the behavior of different plastic and rubber formulations, it is easy to overlook fundamental drawbacks in chosen materials. Furthermore, scaling up product manufacturing from R&D prototypes to full scale mass manufacturing can introduce issues, which are commonly either disregarded or not taken into consideration.

Performing product performance evaluations or Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) during the early stage of development highlights any potential concerns regarding plastic or rubber components and their manufacturing. Identifying potential failures at this early design stage prevents potentially significant costs of a product failing in service, and enables designers and manufacturers to rectify the weaknesses highlighted before the product reaches the market.

Smithers Rapra independently reviews existing designs and the intended manufacturing process to optimize any plastic and rubber components used. Our experts investigate elements both individually and in relation to one another, such as:

  • The in-service design requirements
  • The chosen manufacturing route for the components
  • The interactions between materials within an assembly

Our experts can help minimize the risk of failure and improve confidence in product success. Smithers Rapra runs a detailed FMEA review of products, looking at:

  • What problems could occur in a product (design, material, processing)
  • Consequence(s) of the problem
  • Action to prevent the problem

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