Manufacturing and Commercialisation

Demand for independent assistance with product design and the manufacturing process has increased dramatically over recent years.

Common necessities faced include:

  • The development of chemicals and new materials.
  • Demands from manufacturers for product improvement.
  • Meeting legislative requirements.

Smithers Rapra provides independent feasibility assessments of new projects as well as reviews and improvement proposals for existing projects. We offer full service support to optimise the commercial value of your products in terms of design, durability, materials, costs, manufacturing and processing. 

Our knowledgeable team facilitates the identification of clear commercial goals, undertake detailed reviews of product performance, revisit material selection, optimise the manufacturing process or support redesigns.

If a review highlights that additional work is required, our testing, analytical and processing services can help with:

  • Physical materials testing of plastics and rubbers 
  • Chemical analysis of plastics and rubbers 
  • Processing support, including prototyping and small-scale manufacturing trials. 

We have access to a wide range of testing, analytical and processing services in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.

Plastic Rubber

Plastic Manufacturing and Commercialisation

Economic pressure and increased global competition mean that established polymer products are often subject to a number of cost-down reviews in their lifetime in order to optimise their commercial value.

Typical drivers for commercial optimisation and cost-down initiatives include:

  • Intellectual property protection running out.
  • Supply chain driving cost down.
  • Price erosion and commoditisation.
  • Product refresh projects.
  • Entrance into new markets.
  • Price surges by material suppliers.

The performance of a product depends on a number of factors including the material, durability, service, design and process. Each of these elements is interrelated. Minor changes in the manufacturing process or material grade may have an impact on service performance which means changes need careful consideration before they are made.

We offer a systematic approach to optimising products, tailored to your individual requirements:

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For guidance with plastic commercialisation please get in touch with our featured plastics expert.

Rubber and Elastomer Manufacturing and Commercialisation

All businesses want to optimise the commercial value of their products.  In order to do so, they must improve process efficiency and procedures as well as process specifications. They need to reduce defect levels and waste, as well as enable cost reductions.

Smithers Rapra provide independent technical audits of specific process stages as well as the entire manufacturing process from raw materials to final product. We can verify whether production processes comply with specified procedures and identify and highlight areas where improvements can be made. We will identify and highlight areas where improvements can be made to reduce or eliminate potential for inconsistent and reject material. Our team carries out independent testing andanalysis of rubber compounds to assess compliance with specification and/or the formulation composition.

Process support offerings include:

  • Assisting our customers in identifying the most appropriate process route to manufacture a rubber product and/or rubber material.
  • The provision of rheometer testing to characterise curing behaviour and advise on optimum curing conditions
    (MDR /RPA testing).
  • Advice on plant and equipment required for in-house rubber manufacture.
  • Supervision of mixing and manufacturing operations.
  • An audit process to identify sources of contamination, rejects and wastage.
  • Assistance to identify reputable rubber product manufacturers for specific product designs or materials.
  • Supporting clients to develop in-house process specifications.

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For guidance with rubber manufacturing and commercialisation please get in touch with our featured rubbers expert..