Smithers Rapra increases capacity and capabilities at tire and wheel testing laboratory in Suzhou, China

Smithers Rapra has added eight new machines to its tire testing lab in Suzhou, China, increasing the lab’s capacity and capabilities by 35%.

“Smithers Rapra has been serving the Chinese tire and wheel market since 2015,” said Derek Read, General Manager, Smithers Rapra Suzhou Tire Test Lab. “These investments were driven by marketplace trends and customer needs. We’re committed to continuing to add new testing technologies so our customers can stay current with quality compliance requirements and achieve business goals.”

Thanks to this investment, the Suzhou lab has added four new testing technologies:

  1. Salt spray testing: Simulates corrosive environments, such as salt-treated winter roads or coaster regions, to test resistance to corrosion.
  2. Wheel impact testing: Evaluates wheel lateral impact collision resistance.
  3. Tire air permeation testing: Tests tire fabrics, cords, or yarns embedded in the rubber compound of a tire to determine the effectiveness of any fabric treatments intended to prevent air permeability.
  4. Dynamic impact on cleat testing: Tests a tires resistance to impact by mounting it against a spinning drum which has been fitted with a cleat.

Smithers is also providing onsite technical and quality system audits to support companies looking to purchase and source tires in Asia.

The new machinery also increased the lab’s capacity for tire and wheel durability testing and high temperature oven aging. Learn more about tire testing capabilities at the Suzhou lab >