Webinars provide expert insight into pharmaceutical packaging regulations and heavy equipment industry trends

Smithers is committed to supporting industry professionals in staying up to date on regulations, trends, and best practices through its annual webinar series.

This year is off to a strong start with presentations on the United States Pharmacopeia and fluid transfer systems in heavy equipment.

The year kicked off with the first of a three-part series on United States Pharmacopeia General Chapters. The three installments were designed to provide an overview of selected USP chapters related the design and conduct of extractables and leachables studies, pharmaceutical packaging, and elemental impurities testing, so attendees can stay up to date on what is expected of companies making products and packaging for the industry.

The series was conducted by three of Smithers’ leading extractables and leachables experts: Dr. Daniel Norwood, Dr. Andrew Feilden, and Michael Creese.

“Our experts are what make this series especially valuable – and extremely well attended,” said Nat Leonard, President, Smithers Rapra. “They have decades of experience in this area and are highly regarded in the industry. We’re already working with them to explore the possibility of a similar series next year so our customers can benefit from the global footprint of Smithers expertise.”

All three installments of the series can be downloaded here:

  • Part 1: Best Practices for the Design & Conduct of Extractables and Leachables Studies based on USP <1663> and <1664> | Download >
  • Part 2: Overview of USP Guidance & Standards for Packaging Systems | Download >
  • Part 3: Overview of Guidance & Standards for Elemental Impurities | Download >

Jeff Andrasik, Smithers’ Product Testing Operations Manager, led another webinar on product testing for fluid transfer systems in heavy equipment. The webinar provides an overview of industry trends in various segments of heavy equipment and their implications for fluid transfer systems, as well as challenging conditions and common failure modes specific to heavy equipment fluid transfer systems. The webinar closes with a comprehensive look at recommended test methods and considerations for customization.

“Fluid transfer systems are facing increased demands, making laboratory testing more integral than ever for ensuring success in heavy equipment,” said Dr. Jim Popio, Vice President, Smithers Rapra. “Jeff has years of experience in this area. In this webinar, he provides key insight into the impact these changes are having on the construction and agricultural markets, as well as the appropriate response through lab testing.”

The webinar is available for download here:

  • Considerations for Product Testing of Fluid Transfer Systems in Heavy Equipment | Download >

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