Webinar series offers introductory overview of rubber compounding from experienced compounder

For every rubber product, there are dozens of design factors to consider when formulating compound options.

Service environment and performance specifications must be reviewed carefully in order to design an effective product.

Smithers has created a complimentary five-part webinar series designed to deliver a better understanding of compounding fundamentals to anyone in the rubber industry, led by experienced compounder Christine Domer, General Manager of Smithers Rapra’s Analytical and Physical Testing Labs.

The series is broken down into four one-hour segments:

Compounding 101: Polymers 

General discussion of polymer structures, mechanisms, and performance characteristics, followed by detailed profiles of some common polymers including compounding considerations.

Compounding 102: Fillers & Process Aids 

A primer on basic mechanisms of reinforcing fillers, non-reinforcing fillers, process oils, aids, and softeners, including main material parameters, compounding considerations, and applications.

Compounding 103: Cure Systems & Anti-Degradants 

A review of the fundamentals of different cure systems, including how cure systems are chosen with focus on sulfur cured and peroxide cured vulcanizates.

Compounding 104: Anti-Degradant Packages 

An overview of how and why polymer systems change with age and how to choose the right anti-degradant package.

Compounding 105: Testing

A review of lab testing protocols for different rubber compounds and products. 

Proceedings from all five installments are available for download at any time.

“Rubber compounding is a complex process, and people in various roles in many different industries can benefit from learning the basics,” said Domer. “This series is a great primer for beginning compounders, technicians, purchasing agents, and anyone interested in understanding the basics of the world of rubber compounding. Experienced compounders could also benefit from the series, as a refresher.”

“Smithers Rapra is headquartered in the rubber capital of the world, and we have been servicing the industry for nearly 100 years,” said Dr. Jim Popio, Vice President, Smithers Rapra. “We hope this series will give our industry peers an opportunity to expand their technical knowledge, so they can thrive in any role. Christine has many years of experience in this area, and our webinar attendees will learn a lot from her.”

Domer manages lab operations at the analytical chemistry and physical testing laboratories in Akron, Ohio, as well as Tire Analysis benching report, published monthly for the tire industry and raw material suppliers to the industry. She has over 30 years of material science experience in the tire and rubber industries, with special expertise in raw materials, cure development engineering, compounding, reinforcements, and processing in both tire and non-tire applications.

To learn more about Smithers’ rubber test lab service offerings and custom small-batch mixing services, get in touch with Jeremy Elliott at 330-762-7441 or jelliott@smithers.com.