Smithers expands wheel testing capacity to meet market demand for larger sizes

Smithers Tire & Wheel Test Lab can test wheels up to 24” by 13” with a machine load rating of 5,000ft/lb.

Smithers has expanded wheel testing capabilities at its Tire & Wheel Test Lab in Ravenna, Ohio. The new machinery can test most car, SUV, and light truck wheels in the passenger vehicle market, up to 24” by 13”, with a machine load rating of 5,000 ft/lb. A PLC computer controls the load and speed applied during test periods and monitors deflection.

“The market is trending toward larger wheel sizes on SUVs and trucks, creating a greater need for testing of larger diameter wheels,” said Dr. Jim Popio, Vice President, North America, Smithers Rapra. “This addition to our lab addresses the shift in the market by accommodating 24-inch wheels and using more sophisticated data controls in product analysis for our clients.”

Laboratory testing helps OEMs and aftermarket manufacturers better understand the life and performance of the wheel, their liability positions, and their warranty potential. “Our customers count on us for highly accurate data so they can make important decisions and satisfy regulations,” said Nick Cross, Technical Sales Representative. “This new machine has tight bearings and controls, which allows for precisely controlled, repeatable wheel testing and accurate data.”

The new wheel testing machine isn’t the only new investment at the lab. In September, Smithers held a ribbon-cutting and open house to celebrate the completion of a lab expansion and the addition of a Flat Trac CT Plus system (MTS) for force and moment tire testing.

To learn more about Smithers’ tire and wheel testing capabilities or to schedule testing on the new machine, contact Nick Cross at 330-762-7441 or