Evaluating products for extreme, winter conditions : A Smithers Webinar

The product testing experts from Smithers Rapra team up with J.D. Power to present webinar focused on product performance in extreme weather conditions and customer satisfaction.

Webinar : extreme cold temperature testing considerationsOEMs and component manufacturers use a wide variety of test protocols to verify that their products will hold up to the extreme cold and snowy environments. As the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 winter proved, however, that doesn’t always guarantee that the components will pass the consumer’s test for acceptable performance. In a 2014 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study, consumers expressed dissatisfaction with a variety of components from tires to electronics.

In this 45 minute webinar from Smithers Rapra, the discussion will center on a variety of resources available to component manufacturers to validate their products for usage in cold, snowy environments.

Brent Gruber, director, global automotive division at J.D. Power will begin the presentation by sharing insights from the 2014 and 2015 Initial Quality Studies. The studies cover consumer opinions on vehicle performance during two of the most extreme winters in the past few decades.  After a brief review of consumer feedback, Smithers Rapra experts will discuss a variety of tests that are conducted to evaluate vehicles, tires and components under the special challenges of extreme cold and hazardous road conditions.

Jeff Andrasik, Smithers Rapra Product Test Manager, will cover cold weather component testing, including thermal shock testing, a method used to simulate rapid swings in temperature.  From hoses to rubber seals, turbochargers and electronics, product testing techniques can simulate real world challenges to ensure that the component will operate as expected in the conditions.

In addition, Sean Connolly, General Manager of Smithers Rapra’s Winter Test Center, will discuss Smithers’ world-class facility, located in Brimley, Michigan, where hundreds of auto industry engineers, experts and test drivers visit each winter to test on miles of ice and snow covered tracks.

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