Expansion continues at Smithers product test lab in Lansing, MI

Since its’ opening, the Lansing laboratory has provided premier product testing services for clients from the automotive, industrial, electronics and medical sectors. In 2015, Smithers will introduce two new capabilities to their ever-growing product test laboratory.

In early 2014, Smithers Rapra opened their newest North American test laboratory in Lansing, Michigan. The expansion has allowed them to continue to offer new services and standard industry and governmental testing – ASTM, ISO, SAE, MIL, Fed, FDA and Automotive -  to custom OEM-specified protocols. This location has also allowed them to be more responsive to clientele in this regional market. The lab’s latest capabilities expansion includes a temperature-controlled horizontal/vertical vibration testing and thermal shock chamber to come online in Fall 2015.

Temperature-controlled vibration testing

Recently, Smithers has added new capabilities for vibration testing with a horizontal slip shaker table at our test laboratories in Lansing, Michigan. The equipment was installed earlier this year and was calibrated for service in April 2015. This equipment provides additional vertical and horizontal vibration capabilities to the Smithers lab. The horizontal functionality allows our engineers to test product performance for forces more closely associated with horizontal motion and provides more accurate simulation of those conditions while a product is in service. This type of test setup can be useful for evaluating a variety of automotive component systems as well as other industrial and mechanical systems. Also, by rotating the shaker, this equipment can be used for vertical vibration testing as well, which gives our labs increased capacity.

New thermal shock capabilities

As products and components are exposed to harsher and harsher environments, testing specifications have called for more extensive thermal shock requirements. In order to meet a wide variety of these testing needs, Smithers has announced that they will be installing a thermal shock chamber in Fall 2015. This equipment will include the following features:

  • 38" x 26" x 18" basket size to accommodate larger parts
  • Temperature range of -65 C to 200 C
  • Test load of 17 kg
  • Basket does not move within the chamber, allowing for parts to be easily powered on / off or oriented in a specific fashion
  • Can monitor continuity across solder joints on circuit boards during testing

Jeff Andrasik, product testing manager for Smithers Rapra explains, “Our goal for these expanded capabilities is to provide our clients with more tools to meet internal and external testing requirements. Providing new and enhanced services to our clients helps to streamline their processes and set them up for future success.”

For more information about our facility or additional capabilties, contact us today.