Life Prediction

We can assist companies with aging and life prediction studies; helping to reduce the risk of premature failure of the material or product over the course of its intended use.

There are a number of factors which influence the life span of a product, component or material, which is why many companies choose to outsource for an expert review of their product. Over the years, Smithers Rapra has developed a reliable testing portfolio to enable us to make accurate life predictions for plastic and rubber materials.

Accelerated Aging of Rubber and Plastics

Accelerated aging can be a highly effective method of predicting lifetime performance, but due to the complicated nature of polymer and elastomer behavior it requires expert guidance in order to achieve reliable data.

Our experts can advise on:

  • If accelerated aging is feasible for your product, component or material
  • The appropriate test strategy required

Our in-house testing facilities are equipped for heat, light and fatigue accelerated testing.

Support for the Medical Industry

For products or materials which require sterilization, our experts can provide consultative support throughout product development; from material selection to decisions on the sterilizing process.

We also offer a comprehensive range of physical and chemical testing studies to support any evaluation:

  • Chemical analysis; spectroscopy, surface analysis, GPC, DMA, DSC, TGA
  • Material testing; hardness, impact strength, tensile strength and modulus, tear strength, elongation
  • Package and Distribution testing; our sister company Smithers Pira offers a range of packaging integrity tests designed specifically for sterile packages

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