Long Term Durability

Fatigue data is required to demonstrate the long term durability of polymers in demanding operational environments. Smithers Rapra offers expertise in polymer life and durability prediction and testing.

The generation of long-term data is particularly important for polymeric materials as their properties are not only time and temperature dependent but can be significantly affected by the fluids they come into contact with. This is particularly true in demanding environments such as polymers fin use for Oil and Gas applications.

Demonstrating long term durability of polymers 

We can assist companies with aging and life prediction studies; helping to reduce the risk of premature failure of the material or product over the course of its intended use.

There are a number of factors which influence the life span of a product, component or material, which is why many companies choose to outsource for an expert review of their project. Over the years, Smithers Rapra has developed a reliable testing portfolio to enable us to make accurate life predictions for plastic and rubber materials.

Download our free expert technical paper:
Fatigue Life Prediction of Rubber and Plastic Materials 

Presented at Smithers Rapra's High Performance Polymers for Oil and Gas conference in Edinburgh by Dr Andrew Hulme and Jenny Cooper

Insight from the experts includes

  • Models used for the prediction of fatigue life in rubber and plastic materials
  • Crack nucleation and crack growth test approaches
  • Commonly used International standard methods for rubber and plastic materials
  • Limitations of standard methods 
  • Test methodology for fatigue tests under fixed load or displacement which can be used in either tension or flexure and able to be immersed into the test environment under controlled temperature conditions.

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