Processing Support

Smithers Rapra offers an unparalleled knowledge of plastics and rubber processing and manufacturing. We help clients achieve high quality, cost-effective production processes and end-products.

Our specialist services are designed to support clients throughout the production process; from assisting with material selection, improving product and process performance as well as optimising existing production.

Should products or processes fail, we can also diagnose problems to reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and optimise quality.

Processing support for a range of requirements:
  • Extrusion development, including new products and novel processes
  • Speciality compounding and formulation development and supply
  • Processing and formulation trials
  • Pre-production trials of compounding and extrusion
  • Test sample production, including pipe, wire, film and sheet materials
  • Injection moulding
  • Plastic and Rubber process selection and optimisation
  • Rubber mixing and product development
  • Low volume production
  • Rheology of plastics and rubbers
  • Process audits including site visit, discussion and study of processing equipment, work methods and procedures
Confidential support, when you need it.

All work done by Smithers Rapra is undertaken on a strictly confidential basis in accordance with the requirements of our UKAS accreditations and in-house quality procedures. We are also happy to work under a non-disclosure agreements (provided they comply with current legislative requirements). 

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