Manufacturing Validation

Smithers Rapra provides a process validation and review service for both plastic and rubber products.

An independent evaluation of your existing manufacturing process can help uncover a range of issues and areas of improvement, including cost-saving opportunities.

Plastic Manufacturing Validation  Rubber Manufacturing Validation

Plastic Manufacturing Validation

Smithers Rapra will perform an in-depth assessment of your current plastic manufacturing process. This involves a site visit, detailed discussion of the manufacturing process, and an expert study of processing equipment, work methods, and procedures. 

A report will then be provided giving the observations and highlighting both the good points and areas that could be improved.

Our analysis will give you actionable insight from world-leading experts. Our team of consultants and technologists draw on many years' experience across different companies and industries, involving numerous products and processes. Commercial awareness combined with a full-service understanding of product lifecycles and the supply chain ensures that suggestions are realistic, actionable and effective. 

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For guidance with plastic manufacturing validation please get in touch with our featured plastics expert.

Rubber Manufacturing Validation

Regular audits can help ensure that rubber manufacturing processes are cost efficient, optimised, and following industry best practice. We offer independent audits of the manufacturing process and compound preparation to provide clients with valuable feedback on how they can improve.

Independent Rubber Auditing services
Our rubber consultants can evaluate the entire process from raw material to final product for effectiveness. A more cost effective option for many clients is to audit a specific stage of the process - perhaps to investigate a suspected issue with just one particular area.

We offer three main auditing services:

Rubber Product Manufacture
This is can be undertaken across either the whole manufacturing process or a specific stage of the process. It will confirm whether the production process complies with specified procedures, highlight areas where improvements can be made and provide recommendations, and identify whether the current process could utilise state-of-the-art manufacturing practices. This service can improve process efficiency, improve and upgrade work practice, reduce defect levels and reduce cost and waste.

Rubber Material Audit
We can complete a full technical audit of rubber compound preparation either at a client's in-house facility or at the compound supplier. Our independent analysis will assess compliance with specification and/or formulation composition. We will provide an overview of the mixing procedures, check that there is an acceptable and consistent procedure for ingredient storage, compound storage and testing and identify areas where improvements can be made - with the aim of reducing potential for inconsistent or rejected material.

Process Support
Identifying the most appropriate process route to manufacture a rubber product and/or rubber material can be challenging. We can provide clients with assistance, providing advice on the plant and equipment required for in-house rubber manufacture, supervise existing mixing and manufacturing operations and audit this process to identify sources of contamination, rejects and wastage. We can help clients to develop in-house process specifications, or help companies identify a reputable rubber product manufacturer for a specific product design or material.

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For guidance with rubber manufacturing validation please get in touch with our featured rubbers expert.