Processing Parameters

Smithers Rapra can advise on good processing practices and problems that may be encountered with products or production. This is most commonly requested for injection moulding but can also be helpful for compounding and extrusion.

The breadth of our expertise and capabilities enables our technologists to provide assistance in a number of ways. An initial discussion allows us to formulate the best approach for your specific project. From this we can create a bespoke assessment programme tailored around your existing process, material and product. 

Expert help for immediate processing problems and support for longer-term processing optimisation 

Our support for processing issues includes: 

  • Initial process evaluation to understand where and how the problem is occuring
  • Failure assessment of the process to identify the root cause of the issue
  • Process simulation to assess any problems or inefficiencies; we have experience simulating both injection moulding and extrusion processes
  • Review of the existing manufacturing process, through a site visit
  • On-site or laboratory trials to provide greater insight into to where problems are occuring

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For guidance with processing parameters please get in touch with our featured expert.