Sumeet Bellara

Senior Project Manager in United Kingdom specialising in Packaging

Sumeet works with a wide range of industries including medical, pharmaceutical, and transport structures from the Smithers Distribution Testing Laboratory in Leatherhead, UK. 

Distribution testing expertise

Sumeet has managed numerous large scale projects within the laboratory ranging from assessing packaging performance to the structures that carry loads. Sumeet has worked closely with companies to understand their objectives to provide them with focussed testing to help them solve their packaging issues.

Medical device and pharmaceuticals protocol support

Sumeet has supported the development of distribution testing protocols for suppliers and manufactures of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Sumeet has conducted desk-top studies of existing data to provide robust test schedules and justification for the testing programmes that both meet parameters of the each organisations own quality assurance procedures and requirements, and can be used as part of a submission to regulatory bodies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Pallet, stillage, crate and tray testing expertise

Sumeet manages testing of pallets, stillages, and returnable transport packaging (stackable and nestable crates and trays). He uses the internationally recognised and accepted test methods (such as ISO 13194: 2009, ISO 8611: 2011, and ISTA 7A) to assess a sample's ability to survive the hazards associated with distribution, handling, storage and filling. He provides qualification testing for a range wood, metal, plastic, paper and corrugated fibreboard.

Qualifications and Professional Accreditation

Sumeet’s technical experience is supported by his doctoral and honours degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Surrey, and his broader consultancy experience over his 17 year post-graduate career as a materials scientist and engineer.

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