Smithers provides a full portfolio of laboratory tests to evaluate the risk of pesticides to bees. A complete suite of contact and oral, larval and adult, honey bee and bumblebee tests are available to our clients worldwide.
Full diet analysis is provided alongside in-house analytical support for pollinator studies.
  • Acute Oral - OECD 213
  • Acute Contact - OECD 214, OCSPP 850.3020
  • Honeybee 10-day Chronic Adult - OECD 245
  • Honeybee Larval
  • 7-day - OECD 237
  • 22 day - OECD draft
  • Bumble Bee Acute
  • Solitary Bee
  • Bumblebee Chronic (queenless micro)
  • Analytical Support
  • Ecotoxicology residue studies (matrices include bees, pollen, nectar, honey, wax, beneficial insects etc.)

Staff Poster Publications:

Novel Analytical Determination of Active Ingredient Concentration in Royal Jelly and Sucrose Diet Solutions
An Examination of Historical Control Data and Endpoint Sensitivity for Tier I Honey Bee Laboratory Studies
There’s No Space Like Home: Reduction in control Mortality by Mimicking Bee Space in the Test Vessel Design for Acute Honeybee Apis Mellifera Toxicity Testing
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