Construction projects are often large undertakings with a high risk factor, which is why Smithers offers complete consultative support, from testing mechanical durability and carrying out risk analysis to conducting site audits and insurance investigations. Smithers can assist throughout the entire construction process, advising best practices and ensuring your project is completed on time and to specification. 

After decades working with clients in the construction industry, Smithers has built up valuable experience dealing with a variety of issues within the sector, from the common to the unusual. The experts at Smithers, therefore, are well positioned to advise and guide you through the minefield of potential oversights any construction project may bring. 

Smithers support for the construction industry covers the following areas:

There is also support available for:

  • Contractors
  • Law firms
  • Component manufacturers
  • Specifers and designers
  • Material engineers
  • Consultants
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