Sustainable Materials

Whatever the end-use application and wherever you have set your sustainability aspirations – if you are considering alternative, sustainable materials – Smithers’ experts can support you. Whether you are considering recyclate blends using post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials, fully recycled materials, recyclable polymers, biopolymers, biodegradable or other novel materials – we can help. Our experts will help you navigate material choices and risks, evaluate and optimize performance, environmental credentials, compliance and more – ensuring you are confident in the suitability of the materials you use.  

Smithers’ experts combine extensive materials science knowledge with in depth understanding of service environments and requirements: from packaging, consumer goods, medical, health and personal care to automotive and industrial applications. We work with clients across these supply chains from material developers to end users and brand owners.

We truly understand material science and through our ISO 17025 accredited facilities in the UK and USA, we offer a range of material testing, whole product testing and technical polymer consulting services.

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