Many brand owners, product manufacturers and retailers today are using multiple routes or distribution channels to reach the consumer. Goods may go direct, via a traditional store or an ecommerce outlet warehouse. Shipments might include:
  • Parcel and courier delivery of individual or mixed items
  • Pallet shipments
  • LTL shipments
  • Roll cage and mixed pallets.
Each stage of each route poses different hazards to the pack and therefore product integrity. The configuration of goods will also vary by route – from full or part pallets to single items or mixed loads. It is seldom efficient to repack individual items from their initial pallet delivery for their onward journey so packaging needs to stand up to the rigours of each route, the potential combination with other items for onward shipping and the third party handing along the way. This can be particularly challenging for bulky or heavy items such as flat packs, furniture, household goods and electronics, office goods and industrial items.

How Smithers can help?

Numerous different standards and tests are available – but for many companies, it can be difficult to work out which are relevant to their multiple supply chains, which hazards to prioritise, how to test for these and how to interpret the results.

Smithers will simplify the whole process by developing bespoke tests for your products and shipment scenarios. We test, you get a simple yes or no on your packaging suitability enabling you to make any necessary adaptions.  We can also provide a more detailed report providing invaluable advice and recommendations on the product and packaging performance, recommendations could include ways of improving performance or cost saving initiatives.   

If you are looking to test for a single route scenario, we also offer a range of standard tests.

We have extensive expertise in shipment package testing and specialist knowledge of challenging and mixed shipment scenarios. We will help ensure you are neither over nor under packaging your goods. Our laboratory offers a perfectly controlled, simulated test environment for consistent, reliable results.


  • Bespoke testing and consultancy for packaging sent through multiple routes
  • Standard package testing for single route shipments
  • Testing for multiple configurations: we can test individual packs, pallet size samples and  variety of configurations
  • Packaging and supply chain audits to investigate route cause/s of issues or to highlight optimisations, pack cost reduction opportunities
  • Package testing for fragile goods these often need additional consideration, we can help you understand and test fragile goods packaging for suitability.


  • Get simple answers around your packaging suitability, regardless of the complexity of your supply chains
  • Ensure robustness of your packaging with reliable standard tests
  • Reduce packaging wastage and fulfilment inefficiencies with excessive over packaging
  • Support brand reputation and customer satisfaction by ensuring your product is reliably delivered in good condition.
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