Our expertize, combined with comprehensive laboratory facilities, enable us to adopt an innovative approach to challenging projects. We provide impartial advice and testing to help companies who need an independent assessment of their material, pack or product.

When standard test methods are either not available or suitable for measuring the required properties or performance of a material, pack or product, Smithers can develop a bespoke test method and equipment to cover a range of different scenarios.

Commonly we will perform an investigation around one of the following themes:
  • Determining why packs fail
  • Resolving sub-standard packaging line performance
  • Reasons for poor quality print in packaging
  • Packaging materials analysis and benchmarking
  • Label and decoration issues
  • Reducing packaging costs
  • Improving the effectiveness of packaging
  • Specification development.
Smithers have high speed video recording and image capture equipment to ensure the best possible data capture and analysis, whereby our highly skilled experts are able to form innovative solutions to unique problems. 
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