In the US, NHTSA’s Uniform Tire Quality Grading standard (UTQG) requires that tires be labelled with a measure of their wet braking traction performance, their predicted tread wear life, and their high temperature endurance. In the EU, tires must be homologated according to UNECE R117, which requires measurement of wet grip, pass-by noise, rolling resistance, and winter traction.

How Smithers can support with tire label tests

Whether it's laboratory based testing or testing that must take place at a tire proving ground, Smithers can assist you with developing a testing program designed to support your requirements. Smithers Tire and Wheel testing laboratories in the US and China are equipped to support rolling resistance testing to both EU and other country requirements..

At the Treadwell Proving Ground, test surfaces are designed and prepared to test to these specific regulatory requirements. We operate and maintain all testing equipment to comply with the testing standards and can support clients in conducting pass-by noise, wet grip and other track based testing on-site. The Smithers Winter Test Center is ideally suited to provide winter traction various required standards.

In addition, our experts can create custom test programs for wet and dry pavement traction (including GMW15208), winter traction, treadwear, and noise. These can all form part of your tire development efforts. Contact us today to get get started with your next tire labeling test program. 
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