Plastics, Pigments & Additives

The Plastics, Pigments & Additives membership offers the fundamental knowledge needed by all members of your team, plus networking with the industry’s key leaders through events focused exclusively on pigments and polymers.

"Our members are serious about their industry & proud to be associated with it"

Smithers Rapra membership packages offer continue our long tradition of offering value and knowledge. Join the growing ranks of leading companies signing up for our Plastics, Pigments & Additives Membership and enjoy savings and our exclusive content on offer. Get:

  • Exclusive 10% member discount on all of Smithers Pira and Smithers Apex publications
  • 3 Conference places at our leading pigment and plastics events during the year
  • Access to all future and past conference, training and webinar proceedings backdated to 2010
  • Access to all new & previously published books & ebooks backdated to 2006
  • 2 days worth of personal researcher time for your business
  • Over $16,500 worth of products and services for $5,800

Smithers Rapra membership will give your company a competitive advantage. To discuss your options with a member of our team, please fill out the contact form.

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