Smithers Rapra Announces 2014 Webinar Series Highlighting Rubber and Polymer Product Testing

Smithers Rapra announced that it is launching a webinar series focused on helping companies speed up the development cycle for rubber and polymer products with effective testing programs through a variety of stages; from materials science to whole product testing.

“The 2014 series of webinars is designed to show clients how standard and custom testing protocols for rubber, plastics and composites products can benefit the various of stages of their product development,” said Todd Hain, marketing manager at Smithers Rapra. “These webinars are designed to be a helpful and educational forum to discuss many common challenges facing product development engineers, chemists and product managers and to connect with Smithers’ experts in these areas.”

The first webinar in the series kicks off with:

“Predicting the service life of polymers in industrial applications” with Dr. Andrew Hulme, principal plastics consultant, and Jeff Andrasik, product testing supervisor and senior test engineer, on January 23, 2014 at 11 a.m. EST.

This webinar will explore the key external factors that affect the performance of polymers; the benefits of independent and complimentary material tests and full product tests and impact the results can have on critical product development decisions. Polymers are inherently variable in their makeup in addition to being time, temperature, environment and stress dependent. Model of life prediction and post-tests can also be applied to get the full picture of performance.

Dr. Andrew Hulme, principal consultant in plastics at Smithers Rapra, since 2001, provides independent advice on plastics design and manufacturing to all industries, including medical devices. He specialises in providing durability and lifetime predictions for plastic components in their operating environments. This involves providing material selection, design advice on suitability of materials and manufacturing, injection moulding and FEA simulations, dimensional management and the generation and use of long-term design data to improve confidence in designs.

Andrasik has developed and executed a wide variety of test programs including pressure, vibration, and temperature specifications on automotive, industrial, aerospace, nuclear, and consumer products. Andrasik has more than 10 years of experience testing rubber and plastic components, parts and products against common industry and governmental standards including ASTM, ISO, SAE, Fed, MIL, FDA and automotive OEM specifications.

The next topic in the series will cover various tire testing techniques and will be scheduled for the spring of 2014. Other topics planned for the year will highlight various industry verticals and technologies.

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