Latest Book Release Reviews Plastics for Engineering Applications

T.R.Crompton’s decades of experience in the polymer industry are highlighted once again in his latest release.

His previous books are amongst the best-selling titles in the Smithers Rapra back catalog, offering insights and proving to be invaluable reference tools. ‘Engineering Plastics’ aims to give a complete review of the types of plastics that are increasingly being used in traditional metal/alloy engineering applications, from aircraft body construction to artificial hip joints.

Generally speaking, engineering plastics are those which are replacing conventional materials such as metals and alloys in general engineering. In addition, the term 'engineering plastic' covers materials that have superior properties which were not particularly available in conventional polymeric materials such as the exceptionally high heat resistance of polyimides and polysulfides. In addition to conventional materials engineering polymers include materials as diverse as polyether ether ketone, polyimide, polyetherimide and polysulfides and polysulfides.

Engineering polymers can be reinforced by the inclusion in their formulations of glass fibers, carbon fibers and nanotubes which produce appreciable improvements in mechanical and thermal properties.

Crompton’s latest book aims to provide a complete coverage of the types of plastics which are now increasingly being used in engineering, in applications as diverse as gears, aircraft body construction, micro-electronics and extreme high temperature applications, steel replacement and artificial hip joints. The book also intends to provide a complete review of the use of polymers in engineering.

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