Open Access Now Even Easier to Find With Polymer Library

The Polymer Library team is pleased to announce that it has made it easier to search for Open Access items on its own platform at

A new filter has been added to the search page which allows users to quickly and simply select ‘Only open access’. This ensures that the full text of all items retrieved within the search are available free of charge by following the link to the publisher’s website.

Over 12,000 Open Access papers have already been abstracted and indexed on the Polymer Library database, with the number growing at a significant rate. These items range from scientific journal articles, through press releases to trade information sourced from the web.

The team currently appraise each edition of more than 350 Open Access journal titles to find the latest information to be added to the Polymer Library each week. In addition, they systematically check the Open Access Directory for new journal titles to ensure that any new, relevant publications are included at the earliest opportunity.

These open access items sit alongside content from hundreds of peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, conference proceedings and books, and add to the wealth of data spanning more than 40 years. As always, the Polymer Library team aims to provide the most comprehensive source of information for those seeking knowledge in the world of polymers, from plastics to rubbers, composites and adhesives.

Interested parties who have not previously used the Polymer Library are invited to visit the site at to apply for a free trial, or get in touch to find out more: