Effective Practical Techniques of Tyre Retread Manufacturing are Described in New Book

Smithers Rapra Publishing has announced the release of Tyre Retreading.

This book provides details of the different elastomers – including reclaim rubber and crumb rubbers – utilised in the rubber compounds used in the manufacture of different types of tyre retreading. There are discussions about reinforcing fillers and other compounding ingredients, their efficacy, the use of bonding agents, and their relevance to the tyre retreading process.

Precise guidelines for the practical compounding of different categories of rubber compounds used to make retread can be drawn from the book. A practical approach is also taken to describe the manufacturing technology used in tyre retreading.

The book then moves on to describe the innovations in green retreading technology, abrasion and flex fatigue deterioration of tyre tread.

State-of-the-art methods for the inspection and testing of old tyres before rubberisation and after retreading are examined in detail, as well as techniques for the testing of basic raw materials and process testing of prepared rubber compounds.

Nanotechnology (potentially the bringer of a revolution in the field of tyre retreading) and the development of the run flat tyre are described in some depth in this book.

This concise book is intended to be a practical guide to tyre retreading manufacture and a ready reference for students, researchers and academics.