Smithers Rapra showcases tire expertise at Tire Technology Expo 2015

Every February, the tire industry descends on Germany to learn and showcase the latest in tire technology products and services. This year’s program was packed with interesting sessions covering subjects from tire market dynamics to production machinery to testing methods. Smithers Rapra added to the program in the areas of material science and winter traction testing in addition to being on hand to discuss tire development challengers with visitors to the exhibition.

Smithers Rapra exhibition booth at Tire Tech 2015Known as one of the tire industry’s key technical conferences and exhibitions, Tire Technology Expo 2015 was held in Köln, Germany from February 10th-12th at the Kölnmesse.  Smithers Rapra experts, Bruce Lambillotte and Dean Tener were on hand to provide some insight into important subject areas related to tire development.

Dean Tener, Technical Manager – Tire Testing, presented  “Winter Tire Traction Test Methods and Requirements” covering some of the key regional test methods and requirements for winter traction on tires.  The presentation touched on the North American Mountain Snowflake Standard & UNECE Regulation 117 implemented through European regulation EC 661/2009 and went into detail on the test methods and how they are evaluated. 

Smithers Rapra’s Winter Test Center in Raco, Michigan provides tire traction testing for clients who are looking to evaluate tires against several of the common standards.  

Bruce Lambillotte, General Manager – Akron Labs, explored a detailed analysis of “Cobalt usage in steel belt skid compounds”.  The Smithers Tire Analysis Report analyzes hundreds of commercially available tires each year to develop the industry’s most comprehensive database of tire material usage. Bruce utilized data from the Smithers Tire Analysis reports to study and report the trends in usage of cobalt by geography, tire manufacturer size as well as type of tire.

Because the data used for the presentation is available to subscribers of the Smithers Tire Analysis Report only, it was not made available for general download.  However, if you are interested in learning more about Smithers Tire Analysis Report subscription options, please contact us.

Tire Technology 2015 was a great place to start with regards to getting a glimpse at what’s new in tire manufacturing. Later this year, Smithers Rapra will continue to add value to the industry by hosting its second annual technical conference, Traction 2015 – Driving the Industry Forward in Nashville, TN, May 19-21, 2015. Speakers and delegates from all corners of the industry (OEM’s, manufacturers, material suppliers, fleets, distributors, logistics providers and more) will be present to continue the discussion.  Join us at Traction 2015 and learn what some of the biggest tire users are expecting from tires now and into the future.