Smithers adds Xenon Arc test capabilities to Akron laboratory

Smithers Rapra announced the addition of a Xenon Arc test chamber to expand their weathering exposure capabilities to their Akron laboratory.

(Akron, OH) - Smithers Rapra, a world leader in rubber, plastics and composites testing expertise, announced today the expansion of its weathering exposure testing capabilities with the addition of a new xenon arc test chamber at its Akron laboratory. Xenon arc weathering characteristics and test protocols can be developed for many industrial and consumer products and materials to meet a variety of ASTM and ISO industry standards.

Xenon arc weathering exposure enhances Smithers Rapra's environmental testing capabilities to meet the needs of many manufacturers and suppliers across various industries. The equipment simulates harsh outdoor conditions by exposing materials to full-spectrum sunlight and rain to test for material durability and final product performance.

“Our extensive testing expertise, paired with xenon arc weathering and associated post-weathering test methods, provides our clients with the harsh weathering performance data they need to bring products such as paints, films, building materials and rubber components to market with confidence,” said James Popio, Vice President, North America, Smithers Rapra.  “The xenon arc test chamber is the latest addition to our testing capabilities as we continue to strive to provide our clients with a broad set of solutions to meet their material testing requirements.”

This new capability will allow for the evaluation of 3D specimens with varying types of light exposure and several post-weathering evaluations, including tensile, elongation, photography documentation and physical property changes or retention. Smithers Rapra also offers a variety of other environmental testing services such as humidity, fluid and chemical resistance, ozone, oxygen exposure and high/low temperature variations.

Common materials that are good candidates for xenon arc weathering testing are:

  • Films
  • Interior/exterior polymeric parts for automotive applications
  • Paints and coatings
  • Roofing materials
  • Fascia (plastic/coated materials)
  • Textiles
  • Rubber and plastic laminates

Smithers Rapra operates laboratories in North America, Europe and China, covering a wide variety of testing and consulting services from raw material development, evaluation and material chemistry to final product performance and product durability testing. Expertise within Smithers spans many key industry sectors including automotive, tire, rubber and polymer products, aerospace, medical device and pharmaceuticals. For more information about Smithers Rapra visit

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