Smithers Rapra Enhances Environmental Controls at Tire Testing Laboratory

Smithers' Ravenna laboratory launches new HVAC system for tire endurance testing.

HVAC system for tire endurance testing - Smithers Rapra Ravenna laboratory(Akron, OH) – Smithers Rapra, a world leader in rubber, plastics and composites testing expertise, announced today the implementation of a new environmental control system designed to tighten temperature ranges for tire and wheel endurance testing at its Ravenna, Ohio facility.

FMVSS 119 and 139 standards require environmental temperature control of +/- 5 degrees Fahrenheit around the tires being tested. The new system at Smithers Rapra’s Tire & Wheel Test Center significantly narrows the temperature range during testing. Tighter controls minimize the potential effect of temperature variation, producing more consistent endurance testing results.

“We strive to provide our clients with the most accurate testing capabilities available in the marketplace,” said James Popio, Vice President, Smithers Rapra, North America. “Our projections for the future of tire testing indicate that more precise methods of controlling testing variables will be required. We felt it was critical to support these future market needs by tightening our temperature controls and are proud to be one of the only independent, third party laboratories in the world with this advanced technology paired with our extensive testing expertise.”

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